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  • Q1
    This test is A PIECE OF CAKE!
    the test needs to be baked until it's finished
    something that is easy or simple to achieve
    the test is impossible to finish
    the paper is covered in frosting
  • Q2
    Laughing when your sibling gets in trouble just ADDS INSULT TO INJURY.
    To hurt your brother or sister
    To be mean
    Accept responsibility for something that you didn't do
    To make a bad situation even worse (sometimes by mocking the people involved)
  • Q3
    The newest Corvette costs AN ARM AND A LEG!
    Paying with an arm and a leg
    Very expensive or costly; costing a large amount of money
    Very easy to achieve
    You're going to need surgery
  • Q4
    Johnny is always ready to go fishing AT THE DROP OF A HAT.
    Without any hesitation or immediately
    It is very expensive
    Is nervous or scared
    Drops a hat before going fishing
  • Q5
    When the last plan was rejected the students went BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.
    Time to quit
    Time to paint a mural on the wall
    Time to pick up the markers
    Time to start all over again (usually if/when something fails)
  • Q6
    The man offered us $65 for that fidget spinner, now THE BALL IS IN OUR COURT.
    It is simple to sell
    We have to get a new ball
    Without hesitation
    It’s up to you (or us) to make the next move (or decision) (Think of it like tennis)
  • Q7
    “What if all the hotels are full tonight?” asked mom “LET'S CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE COME TO IT,” answered dad.
    It's going to cost a lot to find a hotel
    We'll need to cross a bridge to get to the hotel
    It'll be easy to find a hotel
    Deal with a problem when we need to, but not before that
  • Q8
    In college I would often BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL when completing large projects .
    Complete something easily after midnight
    Hesitate to use oil after midnight
    Use too much oil when working on projects
    Work late into the night (originates in the time before electricity)
  • Q9
    Please don’t CUT CORNERS just so your project is finished first.
    When something is not done to the best ability just to save time (or money)
    Cut pieces of paper off something
    Use expensive materials
    Hesitate to do a good job
  • Q10
    Billy was planning his acceptance speech before he was even nominated as president. His teacher cautioned him not to COUNT HIS CHICKENS BEFORE THE EGGS HAVE HATCHED.
    Don't buy eggs that have chickens in them
    Don't make a problem out of something that isn't a big deal
    Don’t make plans for something that might not happen
    Don't work late into the night before the eggs hatch

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