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Quiz by Deb Thibault

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    A piece of cake....
    Something very spongelike
    Something that tastes very sweet
    Something that can be accomplished easily
  • Q2
    A blessing in disguise...
    A wrapped gift
    A costumed warrior
    Something good that isn't recognized at first
  • Q3
    A penny saved is a penny earned...
    By not spending money, you are saving money
    Pennies are worth a lot more than dimes
    You should work at a bank
  • Q4
    A leopard can't change its spots
    You can't change who you are
    Leopards spots are permanent
    Leopards don't like their spots
  • Q5
    Bite off more than you can chew...
    Get a cavity from too many sweets
    Eat to much
    Take on a task that is way too big
  • Q6
    Hit the books
    Slap some library books
    To study, especially for a test or exam
    Throw books at a wall when you're tired
  • Q7
    Hold your horses
    Cradle tiny ponies on your lap
    Be patient
    Lasso some horses in a rodeo
  • Q8
    Keep your chin up
    Stay positive in a tough situation
    Stretch your neck like a giraffe
    Look up at the ceiling
  • Q9
    New York Minute
    A minute that goes by really fast
    When time goes really slowly
    When you look at your watch while you're in New York
  • Q10
    Under the weather
    Hanging out under the deck while it's raining
    Feeling ill or sick
    Walking with an umbrella
  • Q11
    When pigs fly
    Healthy bacon
    Something that will never happen
  • Q12
    High on the hog
    Living in luxury
    The top of a pig
    As smart as a pig

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