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If Clause and Wish 1 by Kai

Quiz by Kookkai

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1.If the sun shines, the world _____________ brighter.
    would have become
    had become
    would become
  • Q2
    2. If you pass every test today, I __________ you a special gift.
    had given
    would have given
    will give
    would give
  • Q3
    3. . ________ she spoken more slowly, we _________ her explanation more clearly.
    If, can understand
    Had, would have understood
    Had, had taken
    Were, will be understanding
  • Q4
    4. .I wish I ________ study English with Miss Kate next year.
    had studied
    will study
    could study
  • Q5
    5. Julia wishes today ____________ a holiday!
    will be
  • Q6
    6. If only we _____________ the final exam this morning.
    would pass
    had passed
    will pass
    could pass
  • Q7
    7. If you stuck another stamp on this letter, it ……. by air.
    had been sent
    would be sent
    will be sent
    would be sending
  • Q8
    8. ……, I would not let him say such things.
    If I were you
    If I have been you
    If I was you
    If I had been you
  • Q9
    9. Hurried!_______ you leave now, you can’t possibly get there in time.
    If not
    Provided that
  • Q10
    10. Suppose I had given the negative answer,
    what will you do
    what would you do
    what would you have done
    what will you have done

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