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Quiz by Tabitha Neufeld

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    Immigrants from Southern and Eastern European countries like, Greece, Italy, Russia and Poland were known as these immigrants?
    Dirty Immigrants
    New Immigrants
    Old Immigrants
    Religious Immigrants
  • Q2
    Most of the immigrants coming to the United States found work where?
    For the US government as interpreters.
    In rural farms where they continued to farm as they had done in their former homes.
    On crab fishing boats off the coast of Alaska
    In the growing cities of the United States
  • Q3
    All of the following were examples of work in the United States for the immigrants EXCEPT what?
    Working for tips
    Long hours
    Working unskilled jobs
    Low pay
  • Q4
    These were the only people to be officially excluded from immigration to the United States of America?
    French Canadians
  • Q5
    Chicago was a city that grew massively, what contributed to this besides immigration?
    The fact that many East to West railroads connected to each other in Chicago
    It was the gateway to the West, where most immigrants wanted to go
    The fact that pro sports teams expanded to Chicago in the early 1900's.
    The Chicago Blues scene had many musicians from around the country to become famous.
  • Q6
    Old Immigrants were people who came from?
    Northern Europe (Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia)
    Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria)
    The Middle East
    The East coast to the West coast
  • Q7
    Scarce running water and indoor plumbing, few to no windows, sanitation problems and many people living in small apartments all describe this?
    Living on rural farms in the Midwest
    Immigrating on a ship from Europe
    Living in Spanish Springs
    Living in tenement housing
  • Q8
    While Ellis Island dominated the flow of immigration on the East coast, this island dominated immigration on the West coast.
    Angel Island
    Padre Island
    Alcatraz Island
    Immigrant Island
  • Q9
    Hot stuffy workshops in which workers prepare materials for low wages are called?
    Hot Pockets
  • Q10
    Assimilate means what?
    A simile
    To retaliate
    To incorporate or blend
    To smile
  • Q11
    Poorly built, overcrowded housing where many immigrants lived are called?
    The Waldorf Astoria
  • Q12
    Steerage is what?
    The part of a ship near the steering parts.
    A large bull
    A fancy cabin
    A steering wheel
  • Q13
    An island in New York harbor where millions of immigrants passed through on their way to the United States
    Tom Sawyer's Island
    Ellis Island
    Angel Island
    Fantasy Island
  • Q14
    This law marked the first time a nationality was banned from entering the country
    Olmstead Act
    New Immigrants Act
    Immigration Act
    Chinese Exclusion Act
  • Q15
    Which of the following groups moved from the southern United States to the North in large numbers during the 1890's?
    Irish Immigrants
    Chinese immigrants
    Mexican Americans
    African Americans

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