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Immigration/Urbanization Test

Quiz by John Heeg

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following was a pull factor for immigrants?
    political and religious persecution
    war and famine
    scarce land
    promise of freedom
  • Q2
    Who was the group who sought to limit immigration and preserve the country for native-born white Protestants?
  • Q3
    Congress responded to anti-Chinese feeling by passing the...
    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Immigration Restriction Act
    Nativist Law
    Urbanization Law
  • Q4
    During the late 1800s and early 1900s, prejudice against “new” immigrants increased mainly because these immigrants
    tried to replace American democracy with their own forms of government
    formed their own labor unions in order to receive higher wages
    had job skills superior to those of most American workers
    came from cultural backgrounds very different from that of the majority of Americans
  • Q5
    Who wanted to show the harsh side of life as it really was?
    New Immigrants
    Jane Adams
    Old Immigrants
  • Q6
    In the late 1800s, rapid urbanization was mainly the result of the
    federally funded city redevelopment projects
    shortage of land for new farms
    migration of formerly enslaved persons to the West
    impact of industrialization
  • Q7
    Which of the following is not an urban reform that improved people’s lives?
    Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act
    workers were hired to collect garbage
    building codes that set standards for construction and safety
    cities set up fire companies and a police force
  • Q8
    A major reason why newspapers grew in the late 1800s was that
    newspapers stopped printing stories about crime.
    there were more writers.
    more Americans were reading because of the spread of education.
    newspapers pushed for women’s rights.
  • Q9
    How did newspapers attract women readers?
    they supported women’s rights
    they added special sections containing topics of interest to women.
    they reduced the price
    they hired many women as news reporters and editors
  • Q10
    Skyscrapers were built because of the
    scarcity of lumber in metropolitan areas.
    lack of space in which to build in downtown areas.
    great number of people who were leaving cities.
    need for adequate housing for immigrants.
  • Q11
    Some people criticized yellow journalism because it
    prevented reform.
    increased newspaper sales.
    appealed only to middle-class readers.
    emphasized scandal and crime.
  • Q12
    Ellis Island and Angel Island were the receiving stations
    that linked immigrants to settlement houses in their cities of choice.
    designed by Frederick Law Olmsted for immigrants in Chicago and San Francisco.
    where immigrants were processed on the East and West coasts.
    where Protestant ministers preached the Social Gospel
  • Q13
    Settlement houses were set up to
    pass building codes.
    create parks and zoos.
    help the poor in the cities.
    design new water systems.
  • Q14
    Which of the following was not a service offered in a settlement house?
    taught classes in American government and English
    teaching college classes so immigrants could get a college degree
    instruction on health care
    provided nurseries for children
  • Q15
    How did entertainment unite Americans?
    Immigrants were the only ones who were interested in sports.
    provided a shared culture for people of all backgrounds.
    It helped the Nativists
    Helped end poverty.

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