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Impacts of conflict in Darfur, Sudan

Quiz by Matthew Corke

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  • Q1
    Which is not a region in which Sudan is divided?
    Central Sudan
    Darfur (Western Sudan)
    North Sudan
    South Sudan
  • Q2
    What term is used to describe people who are forced to move to another country for safety?
    Internally Displaced Person
  • Q3
    What is the ethnicity/religion of the northern region of Sudan?
    Black / African
    Black / Christian
    Arabic / Muslim
    Arabic / Christian
  • Q4
    What is the ethnicity / religion of Darfur (Western Sudan)?
    Arabic / Christian
    Black / Muslim
    Arabic / Muslim
    Black / Christian
  • Q5
    What is the ethnicity / religion of South Sudan?
    Black / Muslim
    Black / Christian
    Arabic / Christian
    Arabic / Muslim
  • Q6
    If people are forced off their farmland, what happens to the amount of food produced in a country?
    It has no impact
    It decreases
    It increases
  • Q7
    If there is less food available, what happens to the price of food?
    It increases
    It decreases
    It has no impact
  • Q8
    If the price of food is higher and people aren't earning money because of conflict, which of the below is LEAST likely?
    People could become malnourished
    Food aid needs to be provided
    In extreme cases there might be a famine
    Farmers earn more money due to the higher price of food
  • Q9
    How does the damage to infrastructure (roads, power network, bridges, water supply etc.) affect the economy?
    Businesses and factories do not a reliable power / water supply to operate effectively
    The transport of goods becomes very difficult or impossible
    It needs to be rebuilt which is very expensive and means less money is spent on other things which help a country develop (e.g education)
    All options are correct
  • Q10
    How many refugees has there been in Sudan?
    1 million
    2.7 million
    5.3 million
    10.2 million
  • Q11
    How many have been killed in Darfur?
    More than 500,000
    More than 300,000
    Less than 300,000
  • Q12
    What percentage of the villages have been burnt in Darfur?
    68% (2004 Amnesty Report)
    56% (2004 Amnesty Report)
    44% (2004 Amnesty Report)
    32% (2004 Amnesty Report)
  • Q13
    Which year saw the highest level of malnutrition in Darfur?
    2008 - 16.1% malnourished
    2005 - 16.1% malnourished
    2006 - 16.1% malnourished
    2003 - 16.1% malnourished
  • Q14
    What % of GDP has Sudan spent on war?
    52% of GDP
    10% of GDP
    162% of GDP
    93% of GDP
  • Q15
    How much $ has been lost in lifetime earnings of the dead?
    $2.6 billion
    $1 million
    $ 900 million

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