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Imperative sentence

Quiz by badriyatur rohmah

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    I am so hungry. 

    Sleep now. 

    Eat this snack. 

    Take this snake. 

    Drink this milk. 

  • Q2

    It's raining hard. 

    Don't play outside. 

    Don't be afraid. 

    Don't bring umbrella. 

    Don't worry. 

  • Q3

    I get a low mark in Math exam. 

    Don't study too much. 

    Cheat your friend when you get exam. 

    Don't be sad. 

    Study harder. 

  • Q4

    This room is too hot. 

    Open the window. 

    Switch on the lamp. 

    Close the door. 

    Turn off the fan. 

  • Q5

    I get stomachache. 

    Be patient. You will be fine. 

    Don't eat too much spicy food. 

    Go to the dentist. 

    Don't be sad. 

  • Q6

    Dad: The road is slippery. ........ your bike carefully.

    Son: Yes, dad. 

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  • Q7

    Mom: Keep ........ . Your little sister is sleeping. 

    Daughter: Upst, sorryy. 

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  • Q8

    If you want to reduce your weight, don't ........ before you sleep. 

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  • Q9

    Be ........ to me. Just tell me the truth. 

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  • Q10

    Don't ........ it. The caterpillar can make you get itchy. 

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