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Quiz by Jessica Vandergrift

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Imperialism means to dominate a weaker country in all of the following ways EXCEPT
  • Q2
    Which of the following is NOT a reason that encouraged imperialism?
    Industrial Revolution
    National Debt
    Feelings of Superiority
  • Q3
    What country was responsible for importing opium into China?
    Great Britain
  • Q4
    What benefit did Japan receive when they intervened in the war between China and Korea?
    They gained valuable trade routes in Korea
    They gained valuable trade routes in China
    They gained Korea as a colony
    They gained China as a colony
  • Q5
    What happened after the US victory over Spain in regards to the Philippines?
    The US decided to keep them as a colony.
    The US declared war on France.
    They made the Spain a US territory.
    They freed them of all foreign control.
  • Q6
    Why did the US intervene on Cuba’s behalf against the Spanish?
    The Spanish treatment of POW were too harsh.
    The US wanted to rule Cuba.
    They believed that Cuba had a right to choose communism.
    The US lost 260 men in the Maine explosion.
  • Q7
    Why was Alaska known as Seward’s Folly?
    Seward lost a ton of money when he sold Alaska to the US.
    Seward sold the land for only $.02 an acre.
    Seward sold it to Russia who made millions in resources.
    Many believed it to be a worthless chunk of ice.
  • Q8
    Why was the Panama Canal important to the United States?
    It allowed them to colonize Panama.
    They needed a quick way to move the Navy between oceans.
    It allowed the Air Force to move quickly between hemispheres.
    It let them control trade
  • Q9
    The Monroe Doctrine
    Prevented the Europeans from dividing up Africa
    Stopped future colonization of the US
    Allowed Europeans to partition South America
    Stopped future colonization of the Americas
  • Q10
    Why was the isthmus of Panama selected for the canal?
    Least malaria issues
    It was the only part given to US from Panama
    Easiest excavation
    Thinnest piece of land

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