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42 questions
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  • Q1
    What were the reasons for imperialism?
    the need for raw materials and new markets, expansion, isolationism
    Assembly lines, gunboat diplomacy, trade
    Mass production, gunboat diplomacy, trade
    Racism, competition, and the need for raw materials and new markets.
  • Q2
    What were the causes of the Spanish American War?
    Boycotts, embargo, sinking of the Maine
    Cuban atrocities, U.S. was protecting it's business interests in Cuba, sinking of the Maine, and yellow journalism.
    Cuban atrocities, yellow journalism, and militarism
    Militarism, alliances, assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
  • Q3
    yellow journalism
    Honest newspaper reporting.
    Color of the newspaper.
    Exposing corruption in business and government.
    Sensational newspaper reporting.
  • Q4
    Using military forces to frighten foreigners into signing agreements.
    add on.
    give up military support
    an area, usually near a seaport, where a nation had special trading privileges.
  • Q5
    "...You furnish the pictures; I'll furnish the war." Which cause of the Spanish-American War is demonstrated by the above statement?
    yellow journalism

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