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Implementing Standards-Based Technological Integration in the Classroom

Quiz by Roula

Grade 6
English Language Arts
Common Core

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  • Q1
    How can we implement a successful technology integration?
    When students use technology to complete assignments and projects
    When technology tools are a seamless part of the learning process
    When students keep thinking how to use a technology tool
    When teachers and students use technology for assessment
  • Q2
    What do I mean by implementing standards-based technological integration in the classroom?
    Watching videos on You Tube using one computer
    Playing games using one tablet or an IPad
    Using an interactive whiteboard and one computer
    The use of technological resources such as computers, mobile services , and software applications in the daily classroom practices
  • Q3
    Two commonly frameworks for technology integration are known as:
    SMAR and TPACK
    TPK and SMAR
  • Q4
    How can implementing standard -based technological integration help teachers in the classroom?
    Revolve around the student needs
    Support teachers while explaining a specific task
    Provide students in collecting data
    Support the curricular goals and help the students effectively reach their goals
  • Q5
    Effective technology integration is achieved when students are able to:
    Obtain information and record data
    Obtain information , analyze and synthesize the information and present it professionally.
    Collaborate with their teachers in the classrooms
    Use the interactive whiteboard effectively

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