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Improve the Look and Feel of Tables and Matrix in Power BI

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  • Q1
    What are the two main parts of formatting tables and matrices in Power BI covered in this video?
    Colors and Fonts
    Rows and Columns
    Beauty Part & Brains Part
    Simple and Complex
  • Q2
    What is the default layout of a pivot table created in Power BI?
    Standard Layout
    Compact Layout
    Stepped Layout
    Classic Layout
  • Q3
    How can you increase the space between each row in a pivot table?
    Add more rows to the table
    Increase Padding in the format pane
    Change the font size
    Use a larger table
  • Q4
    What is the purpose of turning off the "Stepped Layout" in a pivot table?
    To hide unnecessary rows
    To achieve the classic layout with separate columns for each field item
    To make the table more compact
    To improve readability on small screens
  • Q5
    How can you remove the default alternating row coloring in a pivot table?
    Change the background color of all rows
    Use conditional formatting
    Apply the "Minimal" style in the format pane
    Increase the padding between rows
  • Q6
    What does turning off the "Auto Width" option for columns do in a pivot table?
    Equally distributes the width among all columns
    Automatically hides empty columns
    Maintains the set width of each column regardless of content
    Wraps long text content within a column
  • Q7
    How can you add conditional formatting to a pivot table to visualize data comparisons?
    Change the font color of specific cells
    Apply data bars to the desired columns
    Increase the font size of important values
    Manually edit the cell values
  • Q8
    What is the benefit of adding a KPI measure to a pivot table?
    To display the subcategory of each product
    To compare sales figures against a benchmark and identify areas below target
    To calculate the total sales for all products
    To automatically format the table based on sales data
  • Q9
    How can you calculate the best-selling product and its sales within a specific category and quarter in a pivot table?
    Use the built-in "Best Seller" function in Power BI
    Create a DAX calculation that analyzes the product and sales data
    Filter the table by category and quarter
    Sort the table by the sales column
  • Q10
    What does the instructor recommend to learn DAX and Power Query for advanced data analysis in Power BI?
    Watch more videos on YouTube
    Read the official Power BI documentation
    Enroll in the instructor's DAX and Power Query courses
    Use the online Power BI community forums

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