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Impulse and Momentum

Quiz by Wilfredo DE GUZMAN

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which has more momentum, a big bus moving at 80 kph or a small bus moving at 80 kph?
    The big bus
    Cannot be compared
    The small bus
  • Q2
    What does the airbag in a car do to a driver during a head on collision with another car?
    Increases the forces of impact
    Decreases the forces of impact
    Shortens the time of impact
    Lengthens the time of impact
  • Q3
    Which of the following items has a center of gravity that is located outside the object?
  • Q4
    Why does a pregnant woman in her last trimester of pregnancy tend to lean backward when walking
    To change the weight of her body
    To look good
    To show that she is pregnant
    To shift her body's center of gravity
  • Q5
    Johnny balances a floor mop horizontally by placing his index fingers at each end and moving them slowly towards each other until they meet at the point of the center of gravity. If the floor mop was cut in half at the point where it balances, which of the following part weighs more?
    The part with the handle
    The part with a mop
    Both parts weigh the same
    Cannot be determined

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