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In Search of our Mothers' Gardens

Quiz by Amena Abdallah

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Alice had an accident in which _____________.
    she became paralyzed
    her right arm was cut
    she lost the sight in her right eye
    she lost her left eye
  • Q2
    Alice Walker's nonfictions focus on ______________.
    the struggles of work mothers
    the American heroes
    the importance of life
    the struggles of African-Americans
  • Q3
    What is the genre of " In Search of our Mothers' Gardens"?
    A biography
    A fictional Story
    A Personal Story
  • Q4
    All the details tell about the personal story except__________.
    it's an experience that's connected to the universe concerns
    it answers many why's questions
    it shows the emotional life
    it rambles or gets off the subject
  • Q5
    The main idea/theme of " In Search of our Mothers' Garden is:
    Black women were not appreciated for the hard work they did.
    Black women were famous for their creativity.
    In 1920, 17 year old girls thought of marriage.
    Black women couldn't be creative for the few materials they had.
  • Q6
    Walker's mother
    was determined and hard worker.
    was known for her bad temper.
    had a beautiful voice
    didn't allow her kids to go to school.
  • Q7
    Which detail is true about the Black women?
    Because they had few materials, they made few artistic works.
    They were proud of their creativity.
    Because they have many materials, they made many creative ways.
    Although the materials were few, they were creative.
  • Q8
    Which question Walker tries to find its answer?
    What do they like to do?
    What activities do they do?
    What is the source of their creativity?
    What materials do they need?
  • Q9
    Virginia Woolf, in her essay "A Room of One's Own " says that if a woman wants to write
    she must be a free woman and not a slave.
    she must have privacy and money
    she must have money to publish her books.
    she must have a family.
  • Q10
    Walker wants to make some changes to Virginia Woolf's essay
    because she didn't like the essay.
    to say that black's experiences are similar to the whites'.
    to show she's a better writer than Woolf.
    because she was against Woolf's ideas.
  • Q11
    Walker believes that that black's creativity
    comes from the educated women.
    comes from free people.
    passes from one generation to another.
    belongs to the old generations.
  • Q12
    Walker and her mother share the talent of
  • Q13
    Most of Walker's characters are
    fictional characters.
    black women who got their freedom.
    counterparts to real life and older than her.
  • Q14
    Which detail(s) tells that Walker's mother has a gift or talent in gardening?
    all the answers.
    Her fame as a grower of flowers spread over three countries.
    Strangers would drive by their house, asking to stand or walk among her mother’s art .
    Whatever her mother plants, it grows as if by magic.
  • Q15
    Why does Walker compare the daily routine of the black women to combat (fight)?
    all the answers
    They fight for their children's education,
    They face difficult situation.
    Their life is laborious.

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