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Incidents... Ch. 14-22

Quiz by Estefanie Rivas Castillo

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    Chapter 14, What did Dr. Flint tell Linda about her child to "humble her"?
    He said he would hit the child to death
    He said he would kill the child
    He said he would sell the child
  • Q2
    Chapter 14, how did Dr. Flint react when he found out that Linda was going to be a mother again?
    He cut her hair and insulted her over and over again.
    He was really happy for her.
    He congratulated her.
  • Q3
    Chapter 14, why was Linda sad when she was told her baby was going to be a girl?
    She was sad because she knew slavery was far more terrible for women.
    She was sad because she knew slavery was terrible for men.
  • Q4
    Chapter 15, how old is Benjamin by this chapter?
    He is 10
    He is 19
    He is a baby
    He is 5.
  • Q5
    Chapter 15, what did Dr. Flint do to Benjamin when the little kid tried to defend his mother?
    He raised the kid in his arms
    Dr. Flint threw him away accross the room
    He made him leave the room
  • Q6
    Chapter 15, what was Dr. Flint's new proposal for Linda and her children to be free?
    He sold Linda and her children to a guy who offered good money for all of them.
    He ordered Linda to stop seeing the father of her children, he would give them a cottage and Linda would only sew for his family.
    He ordered Linda to sell her children to a good person and she would stay and live with him forever.
  • Q7
    Chapter 15, what would happen if Linda did not accept his request?
    She would go to a plantation and the little children would be put to work.
    Dr. Flint would kill them all
    Linda and her children would die.
  • Q8
    Chapter 16, Whose plantation did Linda go to?
    She went to Dr. Flint's cottage.
    She went to Mr Flint's. Dr. Flint's son's plantation.
  • Q9
    Chapter 16, what did the grandmother advice Linda to do?
    She told her to leave that she will take good care of little Benjamin and little Ellen.
    She told her not to abandon her children and to wait for things to get better
  • Q10
    Chapter 16, what did Mr. Flint and his wife decide to do with Linda's children?
    They decide to bring them to the new plantation.
    They decide to kill them.
    They decide to sell them.
  • Q11
    Chapter 17, why did Linda run away from the plantation?
    Mr. Flint's wife hates her
    She hates Mr. Flint.
    She doesn't want her children to be with her as she thinks they could be used to keep her in their power.
  • Q12
    Chapter 17, how much money was offered for Linda's capture?
  • Q13
    Chapter 18, what happened to Linda's leg as she tried to escape?
    She got bit by a dog.
    Some reptile bit her and she thinks it was poisonous.
    She fell when running.
  • Q14
    Chapter 18, what did Dr. Flint do in order to have his revenge?
    He threw her brother William , her aunt, little Benny and Ellen to jail.
    He killed her children.
    He hit her brother William.
  • Q15
    Chapter 19, how much did Dr. Flint want for William, little Bennie and little Ellen?

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