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Incidents ... Ch 23 - 27

Quiz by Estefanie Rivas Castillo

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  • Q1
    Chapter 23, what does Linda wish she could do?
    She wishes she could go back to Dr. Flint's house.
    She wishes she could stand up in a good position, feel the earth under her feet again.
  • Q2
    Chapter 23, what happened to Linda during the second winter while she was hidden?
    She got sick, delirious and unconscious.
    People knew where she was hidden.
  • Q3
    Chapter 23, what happened to grandma?
    Grandma passed away
    Grandma got sick
  • Q4
    Chapter 24, where does Mr. Sand have to go?
    Mr. Sands has to go to New York.
    Mr. Sands has to go to Washington
  • Q5
    Chapter 24, what does Linda plan to do before Mr. Sands go to Washington?
    She plans to talk to him about their children's freedom.
    She plans to marry him.
  • Q6
    Chapter 25, what does Linda do in order to deceive Dr. Flint?
    She makes Dr. Flint believe she dies
    She writes a letter to Dr. Flint to make him believe she's in New York.
    She calls Dr. Flint from New York.
  • Q7
    Chapter 25, what does Dr, Flint do with Linda's letter to her grandmother?
    He broke it and threw it away.
    He changed everything Linda wrote and read a different letter to her
    He said nothing about the letter.
  • Q8
    Chapter 25 what does Dr. Flint do to bring Linda back from London?
    He wants the mayor of Boston to bring Linda back.
    He wants the grandma to go to Boston and brink Linda back
    He wants uncle Phillip to go to Boston and bring Linda back,
  • Q9
    Chapter 25, how long has Linda been hidden in the little place they built for her?
    Almost five years
    Almost five months
    Almost five weeks.
  • Q10
    Chapter 26, what happened to William in the north?
    He escaped from Mr. Sands' side
    He was killed in the north.
  • Q11
    Chapter 26, what does William not coming back to the south mean for Linda?
    It means that Mr. Sands won't buy her children's freedom.
    It means nothing to her.
    It means that she will die in her little place.
  • Q12
    Chapter 27, why does Mr. Sands ask the grandmother to take the children to his place?
    He wants to show them to his wife.
    He wants to be with them.
  • Q13
    Chapter 27, what does Mr. Sands and his wife decide to do with Ellen?
    Mrs. Sands decides to give Ellen to her sister and she will adopt her.
    She wants nothing to do with her husband's children.
  • Q14
    Chapter 27, what does Mr. Sands and his wife decide to do with Bennie
    Mrs. Sands wants him to live with them, but they will take him to the north.
    Mrs. Sands wants nothing to do with his
  • Q15
    Chapter 27, what does Linda think about her children now?
    She still thinks they are not free and that Mr. Sands tricked her.
    She is at peace now thinking her children are free.

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