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Independent vs. Dependent

Quiz by Jeffrey Small

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    The number of students in a class, s, and the number of desks needed, d

    S: Dependent D: Independent

    D: Dependent S: Independent

  • Q2

    The number of candles on a birthday cake, c, and that person's age, a

    C: Dependent     A: Independent

    A: Dependent C: Independent

  • Q3

    The height of a sunflower in inches, h, and the number of days since it was planted, d

    D: Dependent H: Independent

    H: Dependent D: Independent

  • Q4

    The number of gallons of paint needed, g, and the size of a room in square feet, s

    G: Depenent S: Independent

    S: Dependent G: Independent

  • Q5

    The number of eggs Dairus has, e, and the number of batches of muffins he can bake, b

    B: Dependent E: Independent

    E: Dependent B: Independent

  • Q6

    The amount of money Isabella earns, m, and the number of hours she works, h

    M: Dependent H: Independent

    H: Dependent M: Independent

  • Q7

    The number of T-shirts a basketball team orders, t, and the number of players on the team, p

    P: Dependent T: Independent

    T: Dependent P: Independent

  • Q8

    The number of miles Terrance has driven, m, and the amount of gas he has used, g

    M: Dependent G: Independent

    G: Dependent M: Independent 


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