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Independent vs Dependent Variables (9-1-22)

Quiz by Melissa Law

Grade 6-8
Next Generation Science Standards

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    A student hypothesizes that green algae will grow fastest when exposed to blue light. To test this hypothesis, the student should design an experiment with which independent variable (IV)?

    amount of light per day

    color of light 

    color of algae

  • Q2

    Sandy is conducting an investigation to find out which food her dog likes best. Which is the dependent variable (DV) in her investigation?

    type of food given 

    color of the dog dishes

    amount of food consumed 

  • Q3

    In an experiment, Jackson tested to see how the size of rocks affects the amount of dirt that washes away when water flows downhill. Which variable is the independent variable (IV)?

    amount of water 

    size of the rocks

    type of dirt 

  • Q4

    You design an experiment to test the affect of temperature on bacteria growth. You use three bacteria cultures under three heat lamps at different temperatures. What is the dependent variable (DV) in this experiment?

    bacteria growth 


    length of experiment 

  • Q5

    A medical researcher hypothesizes that a new medication can reduce high blood pressure. Which of these would most likely be the dependent variable (DV) in a study involving this medication?

    the number in the group 

    blood pressure of the group 

    the ages of the group

  • Q6

    In an experiment about growth, some snapdragons seeds were placed in a dish lined with moist paper towels at different temperatures. Which of these is the independent variable in the experiment? 

    number of sprouts 

    the temperature 

    type of seeds

  • Q7

    Does the amount of salt change the ability of an object to float or sink? Amount of salt is the...

    independent variable (test variable)

    dependent variable (outcome variable)

  • Q8

    How does the incline of a board affect how far a ball will roll? Distance the ball rolls is the...

    dependent variable (outcome variable)

    independent variable (test variable)

  • Q9

    Does playing classical music improve memory? Playing classical music is the...

    independent variable (test variable)

    dependent variable (outcome variable)

  • Q10

    What is true of an independent variable (IV).

    it is what you measure 

    it is outcome variable 

    it is the test variable 

    it is not controlled by the person performing the experiment 

  • Q11

    What is true about a dependent variable (DV).

    it is the test variable 

    it is the outcome variable 

    it is controlled by the person preforming the experiment 

    it is what you change (manipulate) on purpose 


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