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Industrial Revolution Test

Quiz by John Heeg

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Railroad companies consolidated by
    ending the rate wars.
    buying up smaller rail lines.
    giving away free land.
    getting injunctions against unions
  • Q2
    What was an advantage of the Bessemer Process?
    Enabled steel makers to produce strong steel at a lower cost
    Enabled steel makers to produce iron at a lower cost
    Allowed JP Morgan to sell his bank
    Allowed Andrew Carnegie to offer rebates to farmers
  • Q3
    What was an immediate economic result of the use of mass-production techniques in American factories?
    expanding membership in labor unions
    increased use of homemade goods
    reduced cost of goods
    improved safety conditions
  • Q4
    Which practice did railroad companies use to force small companies out of business while hurting shippers such as farmers who had to pay full price?
  • Q5
    Why could trains from one line not run on the tracks of another?
    Different rail lines used different gauges
    Companies were on strike
    Rail lines refused to offer rebates
    Government subsidies
  • Q6
    What are two causes of the rise of industry?
    railroads spurs business-new inventions make business efficient
    labor unions-triangle shirt factory fire
    farmers increase production-prices for crops decrease
  • Q7
    Gaining control of all the steps used to change raw materials into finished products is…
    vertical integration
  • Q8
    What was the benefit of the refrigerated railroad car?
    beef was kept fresh while being carried to markets
    all of the above
    passengers will keep cool in the summer
    live cattle can now be shipped and kept fresh
  • Q9
    What was a benefit of the invention of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone?
    pace of business sped up even more
    unemployment increased dramatically
    the telegraph business increased dramatically
    helped the military communicate more efficiently
  • Q10
    How did the automobile and airplane change American life?
    reduced competition
    improved travel, made travel faster, easier, and cheaper.
    it eliminated monopolies.
    it eliminated railroads.
  • Q11
    What was a benefit of steel making in Pittsburgh?
    Farmers were able to sell their goods for a higher price.
    Brought jobs and prosperity.
    Gave a discount to railroad companies.
    All of the above.
  • Q12
    What was a an argument against trusts?
    too much competition was bad
    higher wages
    reduced competition
    improved the quality of life
  • Q13
    What was a result of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?
    monopolies were outlawed
    factories were made smaller
    states approved new safety laws to help protect factory workers
    business increased in the garment industry
  • Q14
    Which of the following statements is true about business in the late 1800s?
    investors were unwilling to lend money to corporations
    business leaders encouraged competition
    the government took over many failing businesses
    large corporations forced many smaller businesses to close
  • Q15
    Why would farmers be upset with railroad companies?
    railroad companies refused to ship their crops
    trains polluted the air
    railroad companies offered them rebates
    railroad companies offered rebates to bigger companies that were rich

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