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Industrialization and Urbanization- Unit 9

Quiz by Cecilia Bazan

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  • Q1
    Which change came about because immigrants arrived in the United States and many factories opened during the early 1900s?
    English became the world’s most popular language.
    Cities became large and overcrowded.
    Ellis and Angel Islands became overpopulated.
    Most Americans became very wealthy.
  • Q2
    What was the economic BENEFIT of the large numbers of immigrants coming into the U.S. as many Americans were moving west?
    The immigrants contributed to the economic growth and development of the country.
    The immigrants couldn't find jobs, which created problems.
    The country suffered economically, having to take care of all the immigrants.
    The nation felt the loss of the citizens moving west.
  • Q3
    Which one is NOT an effect of migration?
    more jobs created to meet demand
    higher prices for goods
    higher rate of people returning to England
    more towns and cities formed
  • Q4
    George Washington Carver's work on peanuts and sweet potatoes helped reduce the South's economic reliance on which crop?
  • Q5
    Which invention was Alexander Graham Bell's?
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  • Q6
    The invention of the telegraph and the telephone improved the lives of Americans by —
    allowing Americans to travel farther
    making long distance communication easier
    creating new opportunities for learning
    providing new jobs for many Americans
  • Q7
    Which improvement most contributed to urbanization in the United States in the late twentieth century?
    Larger houses
    New farming methods
    Transportation innovations
    Communication technologies
  • Q8
    Which reason best explains why many people choose to live in cities?
    There are bigger houses in cities.
    It is easier to grow food in cities.
    It is cheaper to live in cities.
    There are more jobs in cities.

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