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Inference in reading

Quiz by Heather Thurston

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    I sat on the bench while Mother and Punch went into the room. I was a little worried about Punch, but I knew that he would get good care. As I waited I watched a tiny puppy wander toward the lady with a cat in a crate. The lady at the desk talked to a man with who was buying medicine.
    At the Vet
    Corner Store
    Football Game
  • Q2
    The room was dark and quiet. We heard Carl and his mother come in the front door talking. I heard two girls in the corner giggle nervously. Another girl told them to be quiet. I hid behind the table where the cake and presents were set out. The tension in the room grew as we waited for them to open the door.
    A Birthday Party
    At your cousins house
    A christmas Party
    A sleep over
  • Q3
    The line stretched forever. People put their bags on the floor and inched them forward. My father and I removed our shoes. There was an announcement about a gate change and a delay on an arrival from Chicago
    At the shoe store
    A Train station
    At the airport
    Bus station
  • Q4
    I arrived early for my appointment. The place was busy and smelled of chemicals. I found a place to sit and wait. The lady next to me had a towel around her head. I heard a blow dryer in the distance. It was loud over the music that was playing.
    Nail salon
    Hair salon
    Gas Station
  • Q5
    As I entered the door, I thought this was a great way to end the day. The chalkboard menu had a list of specialties, like sundaes and banana splits. I looked at all the flavors. Chocolate is my favorite, but peppermint sounded good, too
    A resturant
    Dunkin Donuts
    Ice cream place

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