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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What do you mean by inflation?/

    The general fall in price

    The general rise in price

    The general fall in demand

    The general rise in price

  • Q2

    Demand-pull inflation means

    Non of the above

    Excess demand over the supply at the existing price

    Excess demand over the supply at a high price

    Excess demand over the supply at a low price

  • Q3

    What are the different factors contributing demand pul inflation?

    Higher wage rate

    Disposal income

    Increase in foreign demand

    Disposal income and increase in foreign demand

  • Q4

    The demand-pull inflation is also known as The monetary theory of inflation 



  • Q5

    Cost-push inflation means

    cost of production remain costant

    None of the above

    cost of production decreases

    cost of production increases


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