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In-Flight Catering

Quiz by steve gill

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Name the outlets that In-flt catering can originate from?
    Aircrew feeder, Gym, In-Flt section
    Mess dedicated In-Flt sections, Aircrew feeder, Gym
    Mess dedicated In-Flt sections, An Aircrew feeder, In-Flt Sections
    PSF, Aircrew feeder, In-Flt section
  • Q2
    The interval between In-Flt meals services during daylight hours is not normally to exceed how long if a snack has not been served?
    5 hours
    3 hours
    9 hours
    7 hours
  • Q3
    What is a passenger Feeding Plan?
    A Passenger Feeding Plan is an instruction to the flight catering and cabin staff which details the content and timing of passenger meals, plus associated cabin services to be provided during a flight
    It tells the crew when to eat
    A passenger feeding plan is an instruction which details the content and timing of aircraft fuel stops during a flight
    It tells the captain which way to fly
  • Q4
    What is the role of RAF In-Flight catering?
    To provide ground and airborne feeding of crews and passengers of all types of USA military aircraft
    To provide passengers with a good meal
    To provide the crew with a good meal
    To provide ground and airborne feeding of crews and passengers of all types of UK military aircraft
  • Q5
    In "In-Flt" terms what does Fresh Frozen mean?
    Meals bought from the local supermarket
    Meals made fresh on the day and then served
    Meals made fresh on the premises and then frozen
    Meals brought in frozen and then stored at the In-Flt section before issue
  • Q6
    How long before commencing flying must the pilot and co-pilot not eat in the same establishment?
    12 hours
    48 hours
    36 hours
    24 hours
  • Q7
    On flights exceeding 4 hours duration, and when an aircraft is rationed for multi-sectors by the same catering agency, the captain and co-pilot are not to eat within how long of each other?
    2 hours
    1 hour 30 mins
    1 hour 15 mins
    1 hour
  • Q8
    In-Flt catering meals are governed by flight time and what?
    What the loadmaster wants
    The number of passengers
    Where the aircraft is flying

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