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Information Skills and Systems Review

Quiz by Robert Terlato

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    What does 'LAN' stand for?
    Linked Area Network
    Linked Aerial Nodes
    Local Area Network
    Local Area Nodes
  • Q2
    Which is considered to be an ethical issue related to information systems?
    all of the above
    the changing nature of work
    the security and accuracy of data and information
    health and safety concerns
  • Q3
    What is a system?
    a group of elements that work together to achieve a purpose
    software that works to solve a problem
    computer modules that make up a computer
    elements that exist to solve a problem
  • Q4
    What does an information system do?
    helps solves a problem
    performs a set of information processes requiring participants, data/information and information technology
    performs transactions with users and data with technology
    completes processes for participants using technology and users
  • Q5
    What is the correct order of information processes?
    collecting, analysing, organising, storing/retrieving, processing, transmitting/receiving and displaying
    collecting, storing, organising, storing/retrieving, processing, transmitting/receiving and displaying
    collecting, organising, analysing, storing/retrieving, processing, transmitting/receiving and displaying
    collecting, organising, analysing, transmiting/receiving, processing and displaying
  • Q6
    What is another way of stating the purpose of an information system?
    address the needs of a group or an individual.
    to solve the problems associated with data
    reason for it's existence
    fulfill the needs of data and users
  • Q7
    Why are information systems created?
    to process information and come up with a solution
    to solve a problem and provide benefits to an organisation or individual
    to deal with data and solve information issues
    to create information and data for individuals
  • Q8
    Why would an individual need an information system?
    all of the above
    to assist decision-making by summarising and comparing data
    to communicate with other people on the Internet
    to keep track of income and expenses
  • Q9
    Describe the environment in relation to an information system.
    everything that influences or is influenced by an information system and its purpose
    anyone close by to a computer
    the server room and office computers
    the surrounding office space
  • Q10
    What are the factors affecting a local library information system?
    all of the above
    electrical connection
  • Q11
    What is information technology?
    technical devices and gadgets
    the set of tools used by an information system or its participants to perform work
    technology tools used by people who work with computers
    computers, mouse, keyboards etc.
  • Q12
    What are the two forms of information technology?
    hardware and software
    internet and broadband
    computers and phones
    any form of technology device
  • Q13
    What are the functions of hardware in an information system?
    Sort, Use, Run and Control
    Input, Process, Store, Control and Output
    Run, Operate, Link and Process
    Function, Process, Retrieve and Link
  • Q14
    What are the different types of computers?
    laptop,desktop, mobile, tablet
    business, company
    individual, group, social
    personal, mid range, main frame, super
  • Q15
    What are the two different types of software?
    Application and System
    Operating and Windows
    Operating and System
    Application and Operating

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