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Informational Texts

Quiz by Anne Noordsy

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Informational text is usually found in?
    Magazines, novels, biographies, and instruction manuals
    Magazines, history and science books, autobiographies, and instruction manuals.
    Magazines, history and science books, biographies, and instruction manuals
    In anything you can read. By reading both fiction and nonfiction work we learn something new. This makes it informational text.
  • Q2
    Some characteristics of informational text include?
    Bolded vocabulary, characters and story elements.
    Bolded vocabulary, fictional, visual representations, and headers over specific section.
    Headers over specific sections, characters, visual representations, and bolded vocabulary.
    Headers over specific sections, bolded vocabulary, and visual representations.
  • Q3
    Which text feature helps us define words in our informational texts?
    Table of Contents
  • Q4
    Which text structure presents the causal relationship between a specific event, idea, concept and the events, ideas, or concept that follows?
    Compare and Contrast
    Cause and Effect
  • Q5
    Why would the author include illustrations?
    To expand the meaning of the text
    To demonstrate his artistic abilities
    To make the reader laugh
    To represent information in a different way
  • Q6
    Which of the following would be considered informational text?

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