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Quiz by LaKeisha Jones

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    1) Why is the Inspiration4 mission a historic event?
    C. It’s the first orbital mission made up of all civilians.
    D. It’s the first time St. Jude is sponsoring a mission.
    B. It’s the first orbital mission taken by a billionaire.
    A. It’s the first time a nonprofessional astronaut is flying to space.
  • Q2
    2) What is true about SpaceX?
    A. SpaceX is owned by the government.
    C. The goal of the mission is to raise money for SpaceX.
    D. This is SpaceX’s first flight.
    B. SpaceX built the spacecraft for this mission.
  • Q3
    3) What is not something the civilian astronauts did to prepare for the mission?
    D. train for emergencies
    A. clean the spacecraft
    B. learn procedures
    C. simulate flights
  • Q4
    4) Which statement most accurately compares the Dragon with older space capsules?
    B. They are both flown with a control stick.
    A. The Dragon has more switches, dials, and lights.
    D. The Dragon is operated by muscle memory.
    C. Older space capsules were not fully automated.
  • Q5
    5) Which word from the article helps the reader understand the meaning of instant (paragraph 11)?
    D. moving
    C. licensed
    A. delay
    B. touch
  • Q6
    6) What is the main structure of this article?
    C. cause and effect
    A. problem and solution
    D. description
    B. order and sequence
  • Q7
    7) Which best describes Hayley Arceneaux?
    C. smart, because she is the youngest crew member
    D. determined, because she isn’t letting her physical disability prevent her from going into space
    A. curious, because she studied space in school
    B. friendly, because she shared her experience with a hospital patient
  • Q8
    8) What is the main purpose of this diagram?
    C. to compare the Dragon to older space capsules
    A. to show what will happen on the mission
    B. to outline the different parts of the Dragon
    D. to emphasize the difference between the capsule and the trunk

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