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Integer Word Problems

Quiz by Kristi Younger

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  • Q1
    Casey waited tables this summer. On Monday, she made $60. Each day, he pay decreased $4. What integer represents the total change in her pay over a 5-day period.
  • Q2
    The temperature at noon on a summer day was 88 degrees. At midnight, the temperature had dropped 12 degrees. What was the temperature at midnight?
    76 Degrees
    100 Degrees
    -12 Degrees
  • Q3
    Monica's credit card statement showed that she owed $250. She made a payment of $200, then she charged $38 for gasoline. She returned a bathing suit for a refund of $15. What is her new balance?
    - $73
  • Q4
    A submarine is in the middle of the ocean at a depth of 115 feet. It dives to a depth of 4 times its initial depth. Write the submarine's depth as an integer.
  • Q5
    A group of hikers in descending a mountain at a rate of 400 feet per hour. After 3 hours, what integer represents their total change in elevation?
    -1200 feet
    1200 feet
    2400 feet
  • Q6
    A scuba diver is at a depth of 82 feet. He descends another 19 feet. Write his new depth as an integer.
    63 feet
    -101 feet
    101 feet
  • Q7
    James plays football with some friends. Last week he ran four plays from the halfback position. he made "gains" measured in yards of 13, 6, 10, and 7. What were his AVERAGE yards per gain? (average: find the sum of all the numbers and divide by how many numbers you added together)
    -9 yards
    36 yards
    9 yards
  • Q8
    Lisa and Molly were digging holes in the sand at the beach to build their sandcastles. Lisa dug an 11 foot hole and Molly dug a 14 foot hole. Find the different in depth.
    25 feet
    3 feet
    - 3 feet
  • Q9
    The population of small town is changing at a rate of -255 people per year. How long will it take for the change in population to be -2,040 people.
    2,295 years
    1785 years
    8 years
  • Q10
    A circus clown starts the day with 68 pieces of candy to give away. If he ends up giving away 383 pieces of candy, how many more pieces of candy did he have to get in order to give that much candy away?
    315 pieces
    451 pieces
    5.6 pieces
  • Q11
    A roller coaster begins at 90 feet above ground level. This is descends 105 feet. Find the height of the coaster after the first descent.
    195 feet
    15 feet
    -15 feet

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