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Intellectual Property and Film/Audio Visual Works

Quiz by Fabien Alfonso

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  • Q1

    What are the two branches of Intellectual Property Rights?

    Industrial Property & Copyright/Related Rights

    Copyright & Related Rights

    Patents & Industrial Designs

  • Q2

    What are the two IP subject matters identified in Music for Film?

    Musical Work and Sound Recordings

    Trade Marks and Patents 

    Industrial Designs and Trade Secrets

  • Q3

    What area of IP protection covers Musical Works? 


    Related Rights

    Trade Secrets

    Trade Marks

  • Q4

    What area of IP covers Sound Recordings?

    Related Rights 

    Trade Marks


    Industrial Designs

  • Q5

    What are the Three Categories of Music used in Film

    1. Original Film Scores 2. Original Film Songs 3. Pre-Existing Music

    1. Loud 2. Soft. 3. Fluctuating

    1. Original Film Songs 2. Jazz 3. Cadence Music

  • Q6

    What are the two Licenses used in Film Music? 

    Syncronization & Master Use 

    Master Use and Grand 

    Mechanical and Performance

  • Q7

    What are the two rights found within Moral Rights? 

    Attribution & Morality

    Integrity & Libel

    Attribution & Integrity


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