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Interactive and Dynamic Power BI Dashboard

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  • Q1
    What is the primary objective of the Power BI dashboard creation demonstrated in the video?
    To integrate with Azure services
    To create an interactive and dynamic dashboard
    To automate data entry
    To perform data cleaning
  • Q2
    Which skill is emphasized as crucial for creating an outstanding Power BI dashboard?
    Advanced DAX functions
    Dashboard design
    SQL integration
    Data modeling
  • Q3
    What initial step is recommended for starting the dashboard creation process in Power BI?
    Setting up data sources
    Customizing visual themes
    Configuring Power BI service settings
    Writing DAX formulas
  • Q4
    Which feature is highlighted for enhancing user interactivity in the dashboard?
    Data Gateway
    Power Query
    AI Insights
  • Q5
    How does the video suggest handling multiple data sources for the dashboard?
    Creating separate dashboards
    Using data modeling
    Using Excel as an intermediary
    Importing all data into one table
  • Q6
    What is the benefit of using slicers in a Power BI dashboard as demonstrated in the video?
    To improve data accuracy
    To allow dynamic data filtering
    To automate data updates
    To enhance visual appeal
  • Q7
    Which visualization type is recommended for comparing data across categories in the video?
    Scatter plot
    Pie chart
    Line chart
    Bar chart
  • Q8
    How are complex DAX calculations managed within the dashboard?
    By avoiding complex calculations
    By using calculated columns and measures
    By using SQL queries
    By simplifying data models
  • Q9
    What approach is suggested for ensuring the dashboard remains up-to-date with the latest data?
    Scheduling data refreshes
    Manually updating data
    Integrating with Excel
    Using static data snapshots
  • Q10
    Which Power BI feature is used to create a more visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard layout?
    Power Query Editor
    Custom visual themes
    Azure Synapse Analytics
    Data Gateway

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