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Interactive Animations and Games Pre-Project Test

Quiz by Alexandra Larson

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  • Q1
    A team of friends is creating a game together. They want to make sure that everyone can understand the code that the others write. Which of the following will make it easier for them to read each other's code?
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  • Q2
    Why do programmers like to use functions?
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  • Q3
    Consider the following program (blocks and text)... What is the apple's x position at the end of this program?
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    None, because the program will have an error.
    There will be two apples in two different positions.
  • Q4
    Which of the following is NOT best to decide before beginning to write code for a program?
    What kinds of variables and functions you will need to make it work.
    The general purpose and design of the program.
    How the user will interact with the program.
    How many lines of code you want to write.
  • Q5
    A team is making a platform jumper game. The background and platforms are working, but the main character won't appear. What might be the problem? 1. They forgot to call `drawSprites` in the draw loop. 2. The character sprite is drawn behind the background sprite. 3. The character sprite is drawn off the screen.
    1, 2, and 3
    2 and 3
    1 and 2
    3 only
  • Q6
    Look at the following code, and match the comments to where they should go in the program.
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