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  • Q1
    The Principle of Superposition states that at any instant the wave displacement of the combined motion of any number of interacting waves at a point is the sum of the displacements of one of the component wave at that point. ( TRUE/ FALSE )
  • Q2
    Sources which are coherent produce waves of the .................
    Different amplitude
    Same frequency
  • Q3
    What happens when two out of phase waves meet each other?
    Destructive intereference
  • Q4
    In a Young’s double – slit experiment a monochromatic light source of wavelength 600nm is used. A series of interference fringes is produced on a screen placed at a distance of 2.5m from the double slits. What is the distance between the double slits if the distance between the two consecutives dark fringes is 1.2mm?
    1.25 mm
  • Q5
    In a Young’s double – slit experiment, there is a distance of 4.0m between the screen and the double slits. The separation of the two slits is given to be 0.5mm. Calculate the distance between two consecutive bright fringes for a red light with a wavelength of 7.0 x 10-7

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