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Internal Processes

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    If a customer has been outsourced, and would like to raise a complaint, who is the complaint raised with?
    Team Leader
    Outsource Company
  • Q2
    Src is sent out to cust when a complaint has not been resolved.
  • Q3
    How long can a final response take to reach a customer after being investigated?
    3 to 5 working days
    1 to 2 weeks
    4 to 8 weeks
    2 to 4 weeks
  • Q4
    What type of referral do we send to get a Debit Card State changed?
    Call Centre referral to Customer Services
    Technical referral to Analytics
    Call centre referral to Team leaders
    Call Centre referral to Written Comms
  • Q5
    When a Third Party advises cust no longer lives at an address, what do we state in the note?
    a. Cust has left address, as advised by TP
    b. TP advises of a different name and is current resident and there is nobody else that lives there
    TP Advised cust has left address in one note, then in a separate note, state “GONE AWAY”
    d. Cust no longer at address
  • Q6
    Who performs reassessments?
    Team leaders and sometimes analytics
    The reassessment team
    Customer Interactions agents
  • Q7
    What is the time frame for a fraudulent account?
    No time frame
    7 days
    4-8 weeks
    The same day
  • Q8
    When a third party calls in, and advises their details have been used on an application fraudulently, we advise the customer that the application will need to go through processing to be investigated. True or false?

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