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International Employment Regulations

Quiz by Manie Spoelstra

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the maternity leave regulations in Ghana? See:
    Question Image
    Twelve months of which 6 months fully paid
    Eighteen months, 50% pay
    Two weeks full pay
    Twelve weeks fully paid
  • Q2
    What is the length of paternity leave in Sweden? See:
    Question Image
    Fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid parental leave
    Fathers are entitled to 16 months of paid parental leave
    Fathers are entitled to 18 months of unpaid parental leave
    Fathers are entitled to no parental leave
  • Q3
    Can you terminate employment in Turkey with immediate effect? See:
    Question Image
    Yes, only if a crime can be proven
    Yes, but certain payments have to made, depending on the length of service
    No, unless approved by an official of the Department of Labor
    No, unless you go to the labor court
  • Q4
    Annual fully paid leave in Qatar is: (See:
    Question Image
    No leave necessary
    Two weeks fully paid after five years of service
    Four weeks fully paid from year one
    Three weeks after one year of service
  • Q5
    Do employees have the right to strike in Chile? See:
    Question Image
    No, under no condition
    No, except they are members of a union on strike
    Yes, only when joining a legal union strike
    Yes, even outside a collective bargaining agreement
  • Q6
    Do you have to pay workers while they are sick in India? See:
    Question Image
    Fourteen days with a medical certificate
    Four weeks at 75% pay
    three weeks at 50% pay
    no paid sick leave
  • Q7
    Do you have to give employees a 13th cheque every year in some countries? See:
    Question Image
    It is a voluntary act in all cases
    It was part of the rules in the British Colonies
    Yes, in many it may not be mandatory but everyone does it. In Argentina, it is the law.
    A 13th salary cheque is customary in Florida, USA
  • Q8
    Are there any countries where employers have to weigh employees? If so, what then?
    Question Image
    Yes, in Japan. If they exceed the limit they have to attend weight loss programs
    Perhaps in the year 1450.
    No. It shouts against human rights
    No. It is against international labor law
  • Q9
    Which first world countries do not have a minimum wage law? See:,industry%20through%20collective%20bargaining%20contracts.&text=Five%20developed%20nations%20without%20legal,Iceland%2C%20Norway%2C%20and%20Switzerland.
    Question Image
    Yes, France.
    Yes, England
    Switzerland, Denmark, Norway rely on labor unions and employers to reach agreements on minimum wages.
  • Q10
    Can workers belong to the labor union of their choice in China? See:
    Question Image
    Yes, of course
    No, but they have limited choices
    No, unless the employer gives permission
    No, only one union affiliated with the Communist party.

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