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Internet safety and facebook

Quiz by Billy Chip

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What do we need for the safety of our accounts?
    Passwords about your personal information
    Many accounts
    Use a password with only letters
    A safe password
  • Q2
    How do we know that the information is reliable?
    By checking opinion websites
    By checking websites in different browsers
    By checking only one website
    By checking 2~3 websites or updated websites
  • Q3
    Why should we download a antivirus?
    So our computer becomes faster
    So we can use it for gaming
    So our computer system does not get hacked
  • Q4
    What can be used on sharing controls for safety?
    Secure always settings
    Safe settings
    sharing settings
    Privacy settings
  • Q5
    A strong password is that which ...............
    Is similar to others password
    Is very very long
    Does not give out any identity
    Is easy to remember
  • Q6
    A safe passwords contain...........
    12 characters/numbers
    Capital letters only
    8 characters/Numbers/Symbols/Capitals
    All of the given
  • Q7
    Facebook is a......................
    Private network
    A worldwide networking service
    Indian networking service
    American photo networking service
  • Q8
    Who is the founder of Facebook?
    Mark Zukerberg
    Oliver Cryster
    Laren Zukerberg
    Mark Tenzing
  • Q9
    Why should we not use facebook
    Our data can be misused
    Our data is shared
    It can be hacked
    All of the given
  • Q10
    From which age should we use Facebook?
    8 years and above
    13 years and above
    18 years and above
    15 years and above
  • Q11
    Identify why we should use Facebook after 18 years with parental guidance only.
    All of the given
    Our data can be shared to spammers
    Friendship with strangers can lead to a problem
    It can be hacked
  • Q12
    What shall we recommend to adult Facebook users?
    To use security setting
    To use privacy settings
    To used the light button all time
    To friends talk settings

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