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Internet Safety

Quiz by Sierra Frankamp

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Olive is a 12-year-old girl living in Orlando, Florida. Which of the following screen names is the safest for her?
    Astro Cat
  • Q2
    I'm in the middle of a chat session and someone says something really mean. Should I:
    Don't respond; tell an adult if it continues
    say something mean back?
    ask them to apologize
  • Q3
    Which word best describes how you should proceed with a new online friend?
  • Q4
    If you are confronted by a difficult situation online, and you don't know exactly how to handle it, what should you do?
    ask an online friend for help
    tell an adult you trust
    make an educated guess
    turn off the computer
  • Q5
    If your parents allow you to buy things on the Internet, you should protect yourself by:
    doing nothing because your friends do and that makes it okay
    checking to see if the site is safe and secure
    doing nothing because all sites are safe and protected
    not telling anyone you are buying things off the internet
  • Q6
    When chatting online or texting, you should..
    gossip about your classmates
    say whatever you want, however you want
    always be respectful, just like you would in person
  • Q7
    What kind of personal information is it okay to reveal online?
    your home address
    name of your school
    your favorite actor
    your phone number
  • Q8
    Someone adds you on Xbox live. You don't know who they are. What do you do?
    Don't accept them. Tell an adult. You should only talk to friends and people you know.
    Send them a message asking who they are
    Accept them. They seem friendly and you need more friends to play with.
    Ignore it
  • Q9
    You can easily erase anything that you share online.
  • Q10
    How can you stop a cyber bully?
    Reporting them to the internet police
    Telling a trusted adult and asking for help
    Beating them up and breaking their cell phone
  • Q11
    The internet provides us access to many different resources we couldn't otherwise come in contact with.
  • Q12
    My parents' and I have established rules as to what I can do on the Internet when I'm home, but I'm at a friend's house. Should I go by my parents' rules or do whatever my friend does?
    Go by your parents' rules
    Do whatever your friend does
  • Q13
    I'm visiting a site from a company or organization that I've heard of. They want my name and phone number so I can enter a contest. Is it OK to enter?
  • Q14
    Your digital footprint includes
    a trail of data you create while on the internet
    only online photos posted by yourself
    your report card history
    copies of letters you mail
  • Q15
    What is digital citizenship?
    to be part of an internet group
    to have a good reputation in the digital world
    to be a good person
    to play online games

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