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Interview and Employment

Quiz by Catherine VanEtten-Kahl

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  • Q1
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Which answer is appropriate?
    being a famous rapper
    maintaining a steady job where I can be productive and responsible.
    playing professional football
    I dont know
  • Q2
    Tell me about your strengths, pick an appropriate type of response:
    a strength I have is that I live close to work
    I like to boss people around, I talk with customers and get easily distracted from my work
    I am on time to work, Good at taking directions, able to take on a leadership role as needed, dedicated, etc.
    I prefer a nap in the afternoons, so after I get enough sleep I can work for a bit.
  • Q3
    What are some of your weaknesses when it comes to work? pick an appropriate response:
    I have a habit of stealing things I want when I do not have the money to pay for it.
    time management, but I have a plan in place to help me with that (i.e. a check list, etc.) being too social, which can be both a strength and a weakness.
    I am always late to work and I do not have guaranteed transportation
    chocolate cake
  • Q4
    Why do you want to work for us? Pick an appropriate response:
    I can work with my friends and it will be fun
    I dont know
    I feel that I would be a good candidate to___________ (stock shelves, run cash register, bring back carts, greet customers, clean up, etc.) because I have _________ (experience, good people skills, good money counting skills, physically up to the job, etc.). The job is close to home, etc.
    I just need any job, so this one will do for now... but I am going to keep looking for another job.
  • Q5
    Is it ok to steal from a job or employer?
    It depends on how much or what is being stolen, a bag of chips here and there doesn't seem like a big deal.
    Only cash, no merchandise.
    Only merchandise, no cash.
    No. This is "unethical" and illegal behavior with very big consequences, including possible jail time.
  • Q6
    You are supposed to be at work in an hour, but you are sick with a fever, chills and vomiting... what is the best option?
    Call in and quit, you will probably get fired for being sick, anyway
    Go to work anyway and throw up in front of them, so that they know you are REALLY sick. Then go home.
    Just do not go in, let your boss know the next time you see them that you missed a shift because you were under the weather.
    Contact your boss and let them know that you are sick with a fever. When you have a fever, you are contagious and they will appreciate you not coming in to get other employees or customers sick. Offer to reschedule or pick up a different shift.
  • Q7
    When your break is 15 minutes long...
    None of these are accurate
    that is just a guideline... you can probably stay on break for 20-30 minutes without anyone really noticing
    it is optional- you can just decide to skip it and leave work 15 minutes early instead
    do not over stay your break. Make sure you are back at your station after the 15 minutes is up.
  • Q8
    When you are getting ready to quit this job for another job or another responsibility, you should...
    Give the employer at least two weeks notice, in writing. This gives them a chance to advertise your position and plan for the loss of an employee.
    Tell your co-workers you are quitting and hope your boss hears it from one of them, that way you do not have to give them written notice.
    No call no show really gets your point across when quitting.
    Give your boss no notice, after all, you don't owe them anything. They should be grateful to have had you at all.

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