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Into NM pt 1

Quiz by Justin Smyth

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the name of the legend that led many Spanish explorers into NM
    Legend of Onate
    Legend of Acoma
    Legend of Montezuma
    Legend of Cibola
  • Q2
    how did the Spanish treat the Native Americans they met?
  • Q3
    What was the name of the trail from Mexico City to New Mexico
    El Camino Real
    Paseo Del Norte
    Jornado del Muerte
  • Q4
    What kind of landform the Acoma Pueblo live on?
    flat land
  • Q5
    This event was the result of the poor treatment of Native Americans by Oñate
    World War I
    Onate's massacre
    Pueblo Revolt
    Acoma Revolt
  • Q6
    Despite not finding any gold Coronado's missions finding gold was considered a success because
    gained many Native American allies
    learned about the geography of the Southwest
    found lots of silver
    he became Governor of the land
  • Q7
    What was the punishment Oñate gave the Acoma men after the Acoma Revolt
    he demanded food and gold
    he killed them all
    he cut off their right foot
    he forgave them
  • Q8
    Who did the Spanish believe the land belonged to in New Mexico
    no one
    everyone could share
    The Spanish
    The Native Americans
  • Q9
    The Native Americans told the Spanish about the cities of gold because
    they wanted gold as well
    they thought it would make the Spanish happy
    they were unable to find it
    they wanted to trick the Spanish
  • Q10
    Besides finding gold and landwhat else did the Spanish hope to do while in NM
    start wars
    find silver
    build friendships with the Spanish
    convert Native Americans to Christians
  • Q11
    Acequias are
    a group of Native Americans
    a type of land grant
    the people in charge of the cabildo
    a type of irrigation system
  • Q12
    land grants were given to
    the governor
    soldiers to try and get the to stay in New Mexico
    the king to get natural resources
    native americans to help make friendships
  • Q13
    El Camino Real was
    the myth about the seven cities of gold
    a road that took people from Mexico to New Mexico
    the royal King of Spain
    the road into the Aztec empire
  • Q14
    El Camino Real was important because
    it allowed manufactured goods and natural resources to be traded
    it was a part of the land grant system
    it was built with the help of Native Americans
    the king had his own private road to visit the colonies on
  • Q15
    What was the reason the Spanish set up Catholic missions?
    to find more gold
    to convert Native Americans into Catholics
    to get more natural resources
    to gain more land

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