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Into The Wild, Chapters 1-3

Quiz by Don Leibold

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1-3. Chris McCandless changed his name to ___________________.
    Benjamin Earthwalker
    Jonathan Livingston Grizzly Bear, Hobo Extraordinaire
    Alexander Supertramp
    William the Wanderer
  • Q2
    1-3. In Carthage, South Dakota, Chris McCandless had a job ________________.
    herding cattled
    milking cows
    painting barns
    working in a grain elevator
  • Q3
    1-3. Before leaving South Dakota, McCandless gives his employer a gift. What is it?
    A leather belt he had made
    A picture of himself
    A copy of Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and Peace
    The first volume of his diary
  • Q4
    1-3. McCandless's employer in South Dakota characterized McCandless as ______________.
    a hard worker who always finished what he started
    an employee who whined about the working conditions on an almost daily basis
    one of the laziest people he had ever hired
    someone who was a hard worker but was always late to work
  • Q5
    1-3. Why did Chris like South Dakota?
    It reminded him of home.
    Life was simple.
    It was rainy.
    No one talked to him.
  • Q6
    1-3. How did Christopher McCandless arrive to the "Stampede Trail"?
    He took a bus that dropped him off at the trail.
    He hitchhiked his way to the trail.
    He had a backpacking guide lead him the way to the trail.
    He took a taxi cab to the trail.
  • Q7
    1-3. What food did Alex have in his backpack for the trip into Alaska?
    a Whopper Jr. value meal that he had bought in Anchorage a few days prior
    12 cans of beans
    a 10-pound bag of rice
    beef jerky and oatmeal
  • Q8
    1-3. What things does Jim Gallien give to McCandless before he ventures out into the Alaskan wilderness?
    A journal and a pen
    A thermos and a pistol
    A pair of boots and some food
    A toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Q9
    1-3. Where was Chris McCandless's body found?
    On the bank of a river
    In the middle of the woods
    In an old bus
    In a primitive hut made of logs and sticks
  • Q10
    1-3. After discovering the body of Chris McCandless, the initial autopsy revealed that Chris McCandless died most likely as a result from:
    food poisoning
    internal bleeding from a fall

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