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Into the Wild Review

Quiz by Kimberly Richardson

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  • Q1
    How did Christopher McCandless arrive at the "Stampede Trail"?
    He had a backpacking guide lead him the way to the trail.
    He hitchhiked his way to the trail.
    He rowed an old canoe down the river.
    He took a bus that dropped him off at the trail.
  • Q2
    Who is the last person to see McCandless alive?
    Wayne Westerberg
    Jim Gallien
    Gordon Samel
    Butch Killian
  • Q3
    McCandless kept in touch with ________________________.
    Jim Gallien by sending him the money he owed him.
    No one.
    Wayne Westerberg via letters and phone calls.
    Friends from high school.
  • Q4
    McCandless’s old yellow Datsun was
    taken by troopers and sold at auction.
    abandoned in Alaska.
    used in drug raids in Arizona.
    abandoned after he drove it to Mexico.
  • Q5
    Jon Krakauer suggest Chris considered Wayne a friend because
    McCandless named Westerberg on a list of friends in his journal.
    Westerberg told the author this in an interview.
    McCandless repeatedly placed collect calls to Westerberg after leaving Carthage.
    McCandless continued to send Westerberg postcards and letters after leaving Carthage.
  • Q6
    How did Chris keep in touch with Jan Burres and her boyfriend, Bob?
    phone calls
    He didn’t keep in touch.
    postcards and letters
  • Q7
    Chris McCandless worked at an Italian restaurant in ______ for almost three months in early 1991.
    San Diego
    Las Vegas
    Los Angeles
  • Q8
    Where did Chris work in Bullhead City, Arizona?
  • Q9
    Which of the following would Chris's co-workers at the fast food place NOT use to describe him?
    He hated wearing socks.
    He called in sick at least once a week.
    He had a bad body odor.
    He was a slow worker because he daydreamed often.
  • Q10
    Not long before he disappeared, what did Chris tell his sister, Carine?
    that he was going to cut their parents out of his life and never speak to them again
    that he would see her by Christmas at the latest
    That he was ready to settle down.
    that he would surprise them all by becoming famous someday
  • Q11
    McCandless was similar to John Waterman, Carl McCunn, and Gene Rosellini because he _______.
    hated people
    was clinically insane
    did not kill himself on purpose
    was a pilgrim searching for something more
  • Q12
    The journal McCandless kept in Mexico
    did not include dates, so no one could reconstruct his trip there.
    was mostly about what kind of Mexican food he preferred.
    revealed heavy drug use.
    was written in the third person, as if he was observing the action from a distance.
  • Q13
    Oh-My-God Hot Springs
    was a “bizarre” scene where people camped for the winter.
    required people to register with the police before using the springs.
    was where McCandless abandoned his car.
    had been a prosperous suburb until the wells ran dry.
  • Q14
    When the newspapers ran stories about the dead hiker,
    the police already knew that it was McCandless.
    the detective hired by McCandless’s parents provided police with the hiker’s name.
    Wayne Westerberg convinced the police that the hiker had worked for him.
    Ron Franz gave the police the hiker’s name.
  • Q15
    What was Wayne Westerberg able to provide to the authorities to help identify Chris and contact his relatives?
    Chris' real name and social security number from his tax form
    photographs of Chris with his family
    Chris’s contact information in Alaska
    letters from Chris with his real name

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