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Intro to BenefitWallet

Quiz by Jody McNelis

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Members must confirm what four pieces of information for the authentication process?
    Last 4 digits of the SSN; Date of Birth; Full Address; Security Question
    Last 4 digits of the SSN; Date of Birth; Full Email Address; Phone number
    Full SSN; Date of Birth; Full Address; Account Number
    Full SSN; Date of Birth; Full Address; Mother's Maiden Name
  • Q2
    When using the member’s address for authentication, exactly what information must the member provide to you?
    The address is not an acceptable piece of authentication.
    Only the street address or PO Box number.
    The full address on file, including ZIP code.
    Only the city, state, and ZIP code.
  • Q3
    Members who successfully authenticate through the IVR must provide what information to the representative before receiving assistance
    Nothing else must be confirmed if successfully authenticated through the IVR.
    Name and Address, plus the additional fourth piece of authentication if calling about the HSA.
    Name, to confirm the caller is the member.
    There is no difference between authenticating a member who entered information in the IVR, and one who did not.
  • Q4
    When giving the initial call greeting, what information are you required to provide about yourself?
    Your first name and your phone ID number
    Your first and last name
    Your first name
    Your first and last name, and your phone ID number
  • Q5
    Mr. Smith was transferred to you by a Cigna representative for questions about using his health account funds. How should you authenticate Mr. Smith?
    Perform full manual authentication with Mr. Smith.
    Assume the Cigna representative authenticated Mr. Smith before he was transferred.
    Confirm with the Cigna representative that authentication was performed.
    Obtain all the authentication information from the Cigna representative.
  • Q6
    You need to call Ms. Cross back with confirmation that a transaction is complete. How do you authenticate her when she answers the phone?
    You confirm her name and account number.
    No authentication is required if the phone number used is the one on file in our systems.
    You follow the same requirements as for inbound calls.
    You only confirm her name.
  • Q7
    Mr. Martin requested to speak with a supervisor due to delays in processing his case. There’s nothing more you can do to assist him. What’s the first thing you should do to connect Mr. Martin with a supervisor?
    Open a case and offer Mr. Martin a callback from a supervisor within the next 48 hours.
    Warm transfer Mr. Martin to a supervisor through the floor supervisor line.
    Tell Mr. Martin that no one can help him any better than you can, then disconnect the call.
    Ask your senior specialist to take over the call on your headset.
  • Q8
    When presented with the Security Code field on the BenefitWallet website, what can a member opt to provide instead of the security code?
    Security passphrase, if previously set up.
    The answer to a security question, if previously set up.
    Account number
    Nothing, the security code is the only item accepted.
  • Q9
    Of the actions presented below, which one cannot be completed by a member on the website?
    Name change
    Account balance inquiry
    Order a new debit/payment card
    Password change
  • Q10
    Where can a member navigate to on the website, to send us a secure message?
    Home > Contact Us
    Home > Personal Resources
    Resource Center > Email Us
    Communication Center > Secure e-mail
  • Q11
    Andrew Jacobs called because he was having trouble logging into the website. He stated this was his first time logging into the website but did not know his password. How would you respond?
    The password is his mother’s maiden name.
    The password is his social security number.
    The password is his date of birth.
    The password is nine 9s.
  • Q12
    When are members prompted to enter a security code before accessing the website?
    After the web account has been inactive for 90 days.
    Every time the member logs into the website.
    When the account balance exceeds $2,000.
    When logging into the site from any device not previously used and trusted during a prior login.
  • Q13
    Where can a member go on the website to find a list of downloadable forms?
    Education and Tools > Forms and Documents
    Home Page > Resource Center
    My Profile > Forms and Documents
    Home Page > Resource Center
  • Q14
    Match the definition to its correct system: Our call documentation and member-specific account management tool, where you can access a member’s account information, perform actions on a member’s behalf, and enter call notes
    Benefit Wallet+
  • Q15
    Match the definition to the correct system: Our case management system for escalations, callbacks, and all notional case types.
    Benefit Wallet Website

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