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Introducing Bravo for Power BI

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  • Q1
    What is the primary purpose of Bravo for Power BI?
    To create visualizations without the need for Power BI.
    To only export data from Power BI to other formats.
    To replace Power BI with a more advanced tool.
    To enhance Power BI functionalities with additional tools like model analysis and DAX formatting.
  • Q2
    Which of the following is a feature of Bravo for Power BI?
    Format DAX
    Creating database connections
    Automatic report generation without data
    Direct editing of Power BI service reports
  • Q3
    What type of software is Bravo for Power BI described as?
    Cloud-based service only
    Free and open-source
    Commercial with a free trial
  • Q4
    What can you do with Bravo for Power BI?
    Directly edit Power BI datasets online
    Manage dates efficiently
    Import data from any source without Power BI Desktop
    Share reports with external users without Power BI access
  • Q5
    How can Bravo for Power BI assist users?
    By providing cloud storage for Power BI reports
    By exporting data for further analysis
    By bypassing Power BI’s data model limitations
    By automatically creating Power BI accounts for new users
  • Q6
    What version of Bravo for Power BI was mentioned as available for download?
    Beta version 0.5
    Version 2.1
    Preview v0.9.0
    Full version 1.0
  • Q7
    For whom is Bravo for Power BI most likely intended?
    Power BI users seeking to extend the tool's capabilities
    Users with no prior experience in data analysis
    Users seeking an alternative to desktop-based data analysis tools
    Individuals looking exclusively for data visualization tools
  • Q8
    What kind of tool is Bravo for Power BI primarily?
    A data entry tool for databases
    A utility tool for Power BI enhancements
    A standalone data visualization tool
    A web development tool
  • Q9
    How does Bravo for Power BI enhance the Power BI experience?
    By reducing the cost of Power BI licenses
    By providing functionalities like analyzing models and formatting DAX
    By simplifying the user interface of Power BI
    By increasing the speed of data import
  • Q10
    Which feature of Bravo for Power BI could directly impact DAX code writing?
    Date management
    Format DAX
    Model analysis
    Data export

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