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Introduction to AI

Quiz by Thushara Paul

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    Medical field will be revolutionized with AI as it can help automate tasks such as detecting cancerous moles in skin images or finding abnormalities in X-ray and MRI scans.   Which of the following will be instrumental in bringing about change?

    Computer vision

    Natural Language Processing

    Data processing

    Neural Linguistic programme

  • Q2

      In Pokemon Go, thegame overlays game elements on top of real world images in real time. Which ofthe following makes it possible?

    Speech Recognition


    Voice recognition

    Computer Vision

  • Q3

    AI requires many fields of knowledge to come together to make useful applications. Which of the following is a less critical field for Artificial intelligence among the below?




    Computer Science

  • Q4

    When a device can read, decipher, understand, produce and make sense of the human languages in a manner that is valuable, the domain of AI it uses can be said to be.  

    Artificial neural network


    Big Data


  • Q5

     What is the full formof  NLP?

     Natural Linguistic programme

    Natural Languagevprogramme

    NeuralvLanguage processing

    Natural Language  Processing. 

  • Q6

    What is AI?

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