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Introduction to Appointments

Quiz by Virginia White (Staff)

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is responsible for scheduling appointments?
    Medical Assistants
    Office Manager
    Billing Specialist
  • Q2
    It is the medical assistant's job to ____________ the appointment requests.
  • Q3
    Which of the following is not one of the key steps to scheduling a patient appointment?
    Offer date/time choices
    Confirm appointment with the patient
    Record the appointment in the book or system
    Explain to the patient why there are no appointments available.
  • Q4
    A paper record of scheduled visitors for a given medical practice is called a/an:
    phone log
    task list
    appointment book
    memo notes
  • Q5
    This allows office tasks to be completed electronically and for office staff to manage the day-to-day operations of a medical practice.
    Appointment Books
    Patient Medical Record
    Practice Management Software
    Computer Information Systems
  • Q6
    All of the following tasks can be done with Practice management Software EXCEPT:
    Schedule Appointments
    Return Patient Phone Calls
    Perform Billing Tasks
    Generate Reports
  • Q7
    Why might certain times might be be blocked out on the schedule?
    Office is too busy
    Office manager needs a break
    Staff is overworked
    Vacations, holidays, hospital rounds, returning phone calls
  • Q8
    How much time is scheduled for a sick visit?
    15 min
    30 min
    1 hour
    45 min
  • Q9
    How much time is scheduled for a complete physical exam?
    15 min
    30 min
    1 hour
    45 min
  • Q10
    What information gets recorded when appointments are entered in the system?
    Patient name & reason for the visit
    Last immunization
    Doctor & Medical Assistant name
    Patient name and address

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