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Introduction to Fashion Review 1


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  • Q1
    Which is NOT TRUE about Fashion?
    A state of mind. A spirit of extension of one's self.
    Translating self-esteem into a personal style.
    It is the language which tells a story about people and society.
    Fashion is something that exists in dressing only.
  • Q2
    Which is NOT the purpose or function of clothing?
    Enhances safety during hazardous activities, such as cooking, construction, and sports.
    Serves anti-social and cultural purposes.
    It protects from natural elements, such as sun and dirt.
    To provide protection for the body by creating a physical barrier between the body and the environment.
  • Q3
    Which is NOT TRUE about Fashion?
    Fashion choices may be used to demonstrate ethnic and heritage.
    Fashion does not indicate social status.
    Fashion differentiate sgender.
    Fashion expresses religious beliefs.

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