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Introduction to Sociology Syllabus Quiz

Quiz by Caitlin Killian

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    When is the professor in her office?

    4:00 Monday/Wednesday

    4:00 Tuesday/Thursday

    12:00 Tuesday/Thursday

    12:00 Wednesday/Friday

  • Q2

    How many course materials do you need to buy for this class?





  • Q3

    The Lumen/Waymaker book chapters are called:

    "study plans"

    "show what you know"


    "learning units"

  • Q4

    Packback discussion questions are due

    At noon on Thursday

    At 8:00 Wednesday night

    At noon on Tuesday

    At 8:00 Sunday night

  • Q5

    Your weekly submission to Packback should include

    one question

    two questions

    one question and two responses

    one question and one response

  • Q6

    Which is true about the reading?

    All of the reading is in Moodle

    Only the non-starred reading is in Moodle

    The starred reading is in Moodle; the rest of the reading is handouts

    All of the reading is in hard copy form

  • Q7

    Of the three assignments,

    the second will be completed in class and the first and third at home

    all will be completed in class

    the first will be completed in class and the other two at home

    none will be completed in class

  • Q8

    The data, topic/sources, and paper assignments

    Lose a little credit each day when late and will not be accepted once a week has passed

    Can be handed in at any time

    Will not be accepted at all past the due date

    Lose 50% of the credit once they are handed in past the due date


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