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Introduction to TDA

Quiz by Lauren Pogue

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  • Q1
    What does TDA stand for?
    Text Dependent Analysis
    Test Department Analogy
    Test Dependent Answer
    Ten Dollar Aardvark
  • Q2
    What does the word ANALYZE mean?
    To break something down and explain each part
    To answer a question
    To state the sequence of events
    To persuade a reader
  • Q3
    How many TDA questions will you have to answer on the PSSA this year?
    1 or 2
    2 in Reading and 1 in Math
    1 each day
  • Q4
    Why is it important to know how to answer a TDA?
    All of the above
    It is an opportunity to strut your stuff and show what you know!
    It's worth a HUGE percentage of your PSSA test grade.
    It requires higher-level thinking and "brain sweat."
  • Q5
    What does the C in ACER stand for?
    Create an explanation
    Cause and effect
    Cite evidence
    Call your mom
  • Q6
    What does the R in ACER stand for?
    Redo the question
    Review your evidence
    Remember to check your spelling and grammar
    Restate your answer in a closing sentence
  • Q7
    What does the A in ACER stand for?
    Answer the question
    Argue your point
    Add more detail
  • Q8
    What does the E stand for in ACER?
    Each detail needs to be described
    Events from the passage
    Evidence citations
    Explain your evidence

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