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Invasion of the Squids

Quiz by Leanna Niemann

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  • Q1
    What is the first paragraph mostly about?
    Question Image
    Antonia's encounter with the squids.
    the dangers of swimming in the ocean
    people's terror at encountering the squids
    Antonia's excitement at the beach.
  • Q2
    What will the lifeguard most likely do if the squids return?
    Question Image
    close the beach to swimmers
    teach people how to handle them safely
    warn swimmers to leave them alone
    tell people about different kinds of squids
  • Q3
    If the squids return another day, swimmers will most likely_______.
    Question Image
    ignore the squids
    catch the squids to take home
    ask the lifeguard about them.
    swim to shore more quickly
  • Q4
    If Antonia encounters the squids the next time she swims in the Pacific Ocean, she will probably observe them calmly. Why?
    Question Image
    Her previous experience with squids was pleasant.
    The lifeguard said it is safe to swim with them.
    Antonia is an expert on squids.
    Antonia cares more about having fun than being safe.

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