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Inversions with adverbials

Quiz by Ana Maria Garcia Guillén

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    He took all our money and betrayed our trust.
    Not only did he take all our money, but he also betrayed our trust.
  • Q2
    He went out. Not only
    Not only did he go out
  • Q3
    Then I understood what was happening.
    Only then did I understand what was happening.
  • Q4
    He saw him. Only then ...
    Only then did he see him
  • Q5
    Now I can appreciate the difficulties of the situation.
    Only now can I appreciate the difficulties of the situation.
  • Q6
    I go out only now
    Only now do I go out
  • Q7
    He didn't offer to pay once.
    Not once did he offer to pay.
  • Q8
    I have studied . Not once
    Not once have I studied
  • Q9
    I have never experienced such kindness and hospitality.
    Never before have I experienced such kindness and hospitality.
  • Q10
    I have seen him.
    Never before have I seen
  • Q11
    We will not accept these low standards any more.
    No longer will we accept these low standards.
  • Q12
    No changes should be made to the exam.
    Under no circumstances should any changes be made to the exam.
  • Q13
    You should see him
    Under no circumstances should you see him
  • Q14
    You must not overexert yourself.
    On no account must you overexert yourself.
  • Q15
    I have failed
    On no account have I failed

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