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Inverted Conditionals & Wishes

Quiz by Helen Dede

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Keep the book for a week. ...............change your mind, just return it.
    Had you
    Were you
    Should you
    Did you
  • Q2
    2. ..... me earlier about the party, I wouldn't have made other plans.
    They had informed
    Had they informed
    Had they been informed
    If they have informed
  • Q3
    3. Frank wishes ..... all that cake. Now his stomach hurts.
    would eat
    not to eat
    he couldn't eat
    he hadn't eaten
  • Q4
    4. I wish you ... interrupting me when I'm talking. It's very annoying, you know.
    had stopped
    would stop
    will stop
  • Q5
    5. If only we ..... tickets for the music festival this coming weekend.
    had been found
    could find
    were finding
  • Q6
    6. If only we .... the plane! We should be in Rome now instead of trying to get another flight.
    hadn't missed
    not to miss
    weren't missing
    didn't miss
  • Q7
    7. ................, I would complete my studies and then travel around the world.
    Were I you
    If I would be
    If I were
    I were you
  • Q8
    8. I wish we ....... a puppy.
    will get
    can get
    could get
  • Q9
    9. ............. yourself in Boston, be sure to contact me so I can show you all the sights.
    Had you ever found
    You should ever find
    Should you ever find
    If you had ever found

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