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iPad Settings

Quiz by Tara Kauffman

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  • Q1
    What is a profile?
    lists of users
    centralized control of settings and wifi for safety within the district
    one individual login
    setting under general on the iPad
  • Q2
    What is Airwatch?
    is an app for playing games
    connects to the main watch tower
    enrolls iPads for grouping and can manage apps
    determines what apps you can use
  • Q3
    What is the iOS?
    is used only for phones
    only update once a year
    used only by microsoft
    is the operating system used by Apple
  • Q4
    What are certificates?
    Question Image
    Added to the iPad so that it runs better.
    Used to congratulate the user
    Used to validate a user to allow for connection to wifi.
    Used to track the user information and keep records of where they have been online.

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