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Irving vs Tatro

Quiz by Jess McKnight

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  • Q1
    What service was the Tatro family requesting the school district provide?
    Admittance into the School
    Educational Testing
  • Q2
    What did the U.S. Supreme Court decide in its ruling?
    the school district had to provide catheterization services for Amber during the school day
    the school district was not required to pay the legal fees for the Tatro family
    the school district was not in violation of the Rehabilitation Act
    All of the Above
  • Q3
    What birth defect was Amber Tatro born with?
    Muscular Dystrophy
    Sickle Cell
    Spina Bifida
  • Q4
    Was the initial ruling in favor of Tatro?
    Yes, it was in their favor.
    No, they lost the lawsuit.
    No, but it would in a later hearing.
  • Q5
    What did this case help define?
    The services a school must provide to students requiring special education.
    If the school nurse can perform catheterization.
    If Amber Tatro could attend school in the Irving Independent School District.

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